Michael Alyn Miller


What is the best way to start an “about me” page on a web site whose header includes my name in giant letters? The standard “My name is …” sentence would be redundant. But is it polite to jump right into the actual content? What to do, what to do.

And, problem solved.

I have been writing commercial software for more than twenty years and building free stuff for even longer than that. I love learning new things which, coupled with my interest in programming languages, means that I have written major software applications in Pascal, C, C++, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, C#, assembly, Forth, JavaScript (including CoffeeScript), and Clojure, more or less in that order.

The vast majority of my career has been spent building servers, although every now and then I’ll go on a tangent and build a large desktop application, web application, or something that is decidedly not a server.


Feel free to send me an email (malyn@strangeGizmo.com) or reach out to me on Twitter (@malyn).


I write all of the text for this site in Vim. The content is managed with Git. The final site is generated with Jekyll using a custom set of templates, styles, and plugins.

The header and body font is Alegreya Sans. The font used in code blocks is Source Code Pro. Most markup is in Markdown.

The end sign is inspired by the strangeGizmo.com logo, which was a ridiculous amount of engineering for something that I am sure most people assumed was an animated GIF. Now I just use SVG and a tiny bit of JavaScript. Progress!