Michael Alyn Miller


I am a software architect, engineer, and manager with over thirty years of experience building teams and products of all sizes. I have worked at small startups and big companies, with the common thread being a passion for helping people work together to achieve their career and technical goals.

My job as a software architect tends to consist of:

Personal Projects

I love learning new things, and those explorations often turn into side projects of all shapes and sizes. Some of my favorites are linked below:


Feel free to send me an email (malyn@strangeGizmo.com) or reach out to me on Mastodon (@malyn@hachyderm.io).


I write all of the text for this site in Vim. The content is managed with Git. The final site is generated with Jekyll using a custom set of templates, styles, and plugins.

The header and body font is Alegreya Sans. The font used in code blocks is Source Code Pro. Most markup is in Markdown.

The end sign is inspired by the strangeGizmo.com logo, which was a ridiculous amount of engineering for something that I am sure most people assumed was an animated GIF. Now I just use SVG and a tiny bit of JavaScript. Progress!